Python / Web / Data analysis

  • Zida
  • Master
  • CUC
  • 2017

  • shawzida@gmail.com
  • edwardesire.com
  • github.com/EdwardStudy

  • jQuery、Bootstrap、Angular.js、React.js
  • Python、Node.js、MongoDB、MySQL、Mamcache



  • Communication Univ. of China - Software Engineering 2014-2017

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  • Hunan Police Academy - Information Security         2010-2014

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  • IBM - Intelligent ops analysis platform  2016.07 — 2016.09

    Develop platform for storage, analysis and display monitoring data. Use the
    Hive as data warehouse, and calculate data relationship index using the
    Spark to help ops team find alerts cause and predict alerts.
    Detailed achievement:Accomplish data download and import to hive.
    Develop OLAP’s restful API service layer, support for search original
    data and calculate result. Use Memcache to establish caching and basic
    data cube. Use statistical probality and correlation coefficient method to
    calculate data relationship index.


  • Decision Tree application             2014.09 — 2015.08

    Based on the decision tree model to create, analyze and publish the
    decision analysis application. The application can be assessed project risk
    and project feasibility.
    Detailed achievement:Develop server program, and implement restful
    resource service, access control and MongoDB basic CRUD operation. Use
    $resource service to achieve front-end tree data access function. Use
    Publisher/Subscriber to update data and store to browser local storage.
    User socket.io to complete cross end data transmit. Achieve tree data
    serialization and deserialization.

  • Postal big data analysis platform        2015.12 — 2016.03

    Develop Post office express data analysi demo. Achieve query and analysis capabilities to complete the daily 200 million national orders data. Detailed achievement:Assist establish MongoDB clusters and database administration. Use MongoDB aggregation methods to analysis orders data. Optimize computation process by shard key, index choice. 

  • ATM alarm data analysis platform           2015.09 — now

    Use data visualization to analysis Beijing ATM alarm data.

    Detailed achievement:Use tableau to early analysis data work. Assist study visualization case and implement, use Baidu map API to develop alarm data geographic information display. Design and develop Node server API. 

  • Mail processing platform              2015.07 — 2015.12

    Develop multi-user processing mail platform. The platform can display mail
    content, score mail and full text search.
    Detailed achievement:Participate in design of platform. Use IMAP/SMTP
    protocol to fetch and send mail. Use Solr to establish MongoDB full text
    search and keyword filter.


  • Hunan Police Academy: Outstanding graduate at college

    University Scholarship with Honors (3 times)

  • Communication Univ. of China

    University Scholarship with Honors (2 times)